Wednesday, 30 April 2014



Hello fellow artists and art appreciators, I'm now presenting a new series of images as part of my Blog and Twitter page, both of which can be accessed through my website

This series directs its focus towards the humble painter’s palette, re establishing this essential painter’s instrument, as a work of art in itself, in fact, some of the imagery concerned, becomes even more insightful and imaginative than the actual painting itself.

The more I explore the manipulation of oil paint, experimenting with the colours and the viscosity, the more intriguing the painters palette becomes. The marks, are perhaps more accidental, than upon the actual painting itself, though this provides a spontaneity and the painters palette becomes an intrinsic aspect of the painting process, which is clearly evident through this subsequent series, as the colourations and the texture of paint converge together and depict the inner psychology of the artist, in the journey of a thought process, which remains completely and utterly concerned with PAINT.

I hope to realise a new image each day, which will amount into a visual journey and narrative of the confessions of A PAINTERS PALETTE.

Thank You & Enjoy

Daniel Goodchild

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Lone Beach Hut 2014: Painters Palette Series: Image Seven

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