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Hello fellow artists and art appreciators, I thought that today I would share some of my thoughts, upon how my ideas supporting my work, for this current term, had progressed and contrasted to that of last terms.

I began my instigation into producing work, with a dilemma, what would I be able to create, utilizing my ethos of painting the land, which would challenge the previous. It needed to depict a progression and ambition of something far greater, that I was expanding my abilities and demanding a grander and more elaborate response, from the process of painting.

I initiated some miniature relief's, developed from canvas that I used to wipe my brushes and excess paint upon, expanding this manipulation of the paint further, scraping away at my painters palette, in order to gather the dried pieces of paint, from which I could sculpt and build up the layers, textures and tones, which began to take the shape of a very organic landscape formation, creating these miniature studies.

This provided further inspiration for the larger scale pieces, which embody this more organic approach, ideas of allowing the painting to breathe, providing it the opportunity to develop, in order to unravel the layers of the land. It's become more of an emphasis upon the process of painting, the manipulation, to build up the variety of textures, layers and expanding the possibilities for mark making.

The imagery of the landscape is still evident; however, it depicts more of an emphasis upon the journey and the process, rather than thinking about having a completed perfected outcome. In this respect, I’ve been able to have more joy with the paint, expanding my experimentation and not being as inhibited as I previously was.

Thank You & Enjoy

Daniel Goodchild

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