Tuesday, 29 July 2014


New Revelations:

Throughout this term I have still thought profoundly about why I'd want to paint the landscape, why have I endeavoured with this theme for such an extended period of time, and why do I envisage it continuing for a long time to come. 

When En Situ, I realised that the natural landscape is unassuming, undemanding and untamed, it doesn't prescribe any attention or any depiction. When I'm in the natural landscape it's almost as if a weight has been lifted, the soul is cleansed, thee's nothing pressured about that environment. 

I visualise the painting process in the same way. A painting is not demanding, it only prescribes the amount off devotion that the person creating it, believes it deserves. Although at ties it is a challenge to try and transcribe what you believe is the most approproiate narrative, painting as a process is a purely contemplative and therapeutic process and I believe this is why landscape and the act of painting itself merge together so succinctly and so poetically. 

 Because I feel so at peace on site and I want to document my admiration of the landscape, painting seems to be the perfect accompaniment to satisfy this desire to transcribe.

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