Thursday, 23 October 2014


En Situ Series:

Within my practice, the origination of creating one of my larger scale paintings, or even simply having a visual reference of the land, begins its fruition with the production of En Situ, miniature paintings. Further information on the process can be found on my website. 

I'm usually inspired by the area in which I'm located at the period in time, in this case it bases its roots in the City of London. 

I've only just begun a few studies, and at first it was hard to adjust, not only to the population increase, but also a more varied landscape, which delivers with it far more narratives. However its more challenging and demands me to be far more patient with both the paint itself and with my concentration on what I'm viewing.

I'm looking forward to the future En Situ Studies.     

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Hyde Park Flat Block 2014, Acrylic on Mount Board

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